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Welcome to FutureSoft, the leader in the South African debt recovery software industry.

Our debt recovery software, called Excalibur, is used to manage debt collection workflows and strategies.


Call Centre, Legal, Section 57 & 58, Foreclosures, Asset recovery & Credit management environments.


A wealth of information to help users make more informed legal choices.



Interactive built-in SMS, MMS, E-mail, AVM and other functionality.



A digital imaging module allowing true paperless functionality.


Passion, Logic & Execution through our Technology.

We provide more than just legal information: we provide answers.
We take the expertise of our team and distil it in a way that helps debt collectors get their work done.

  • Debt Collection Management Software, Procedures & Strategies
  • Call Centre Solutions & Mass Communications Facilitation
  • Productivity Management & Strategic Consulting
  • Skills Development Facilitation & Data Management
  • Dialer and Systems Integration

Your debt collection management system

Excalibur manages your debt collection workflows, your staff and the communication required to ensure successful debt recovery.
Even though Excalibur integrates with all dialer types available in South Africa to ensure a productive Call Centre environment, its functionality is not limited to the Call Centre industry.
Excalibur includes sms and e-mail functionality and a digital imaging module allowing true paperless functionality.
Excalibur accommodates all call centre-, pre-legal and legal processes and effortlessly handles volumes of matters at a time.


Use Excalibur in the cloud or in your own network

Cloud Computing places all your company’s business data on a centralised and secure server environment, which enables you to gain access from any authorised computer connected to the internet.

Excalibur Cloud benefits include:

  • Gain remote access from anywhere in the world
  • Automatic backups done daily
  • Automatic software updates on a regular basis
  • No unnecessary server upgrade costs for on premise computing

Excalibur Modules

Excalibur includes an intelligent, interactive management module called the Pro-Active Manager. This tool is an automated secretarial solution aimed at allowing your business to generate profits 24 hours a day, 12 months a year.

The Pro-Active Manager is fondly known as Pam; and will see to a variety of critical functions, including inter alia the analysis of user performances, the management of user diaries and call queues and much, much more.

Pam User Performance Monitoring processes give you accurate statistics and management information on every user, allowing you to manage your staffs’ productivity and human resource requirements from a performance point of view.

Pam also allows you to manage users in pools, comparing their performances and productivity against bench-marked team members; and against their own historical performance.

The Call Campaign Manager gives you all the dialing functionality that highly priced dialer solutions offer, without the financial outlay. It allows you to run campaign dialing on portions of your books, which, in turn, amplifies the productivity of your staff.

Let Excalibur integrate its Call Campaigns into your own digital dialer or make use of Excalibur’s generic dialer solutions to ensure that your staff always call the right numbers at the right time.

The SMS Manager links Excalibur directly onto the 3 main mobile phone network providers in South Africa. It allows for bi-directional communication to and from debtors and auto-updates message statuses as the networks deal with them.

Due to our close proximity to these networks, Excalibur has the ability to handle huge volumes of messages at a time.

The Strategy Manager allows you to integrate your own collection strategies into Excalibur and gives you the functionality to adopt varying strategies, dependent on your debt book’s attributes.

Automate a multitude of actions and workflows based on your business rules and experience an immense improvement in productivity and efficiency as a result.

Excalibur performs best when integrated into your own systems. The Excalibur Integration Manager will enable us to configure the required links between it and your General Ledger software.

The Integration Manager allows FutureSoft to configure integration profiles for you which will enable you to integrate into the systems of and supply statistical feedback information to various South African Banks, Retail Stores, Financial Institutions and Corporates.

Excalibur’s Statistics Manager will give you accurate statistics regarding each individual debt-book under your control; from basic information to complex collections – and industry applicable – ratios.

This tool allows you to focus on the critical files at all times.

Excalibur’s Letter Campaign Manager allows you to auto-generate relevant documentation based on a variety of business rules analysed and re-applied daily.

This improves communication and results in an advancement of collection ratios.

A number of large South African Corporates have already applied the functionality of the Outsource Manager, which allows you to transfer matters seamlessly to your lawyers or EDC’s without human input.

Base your outsourcing on your own business rules and experience automated dispatch of instructions as well as real-time feedback and reporting into your system.

Become a member of the ever-increasing Excalibur family and exploit the benefits of sharing the same system platform as your clients.

A growing number of South African debt collection specialists function in a branch formation in order to address aspirations related to a national and international footprint; and the growing requirement to approach a debtor within the jurisdictional area wherein he works or lives.

Excalibur’s Branch Manager allows you to synchronise data from your Head Office to various branches and back, based on your business rules.

The Template Manager allows for you to import and manage your own document templates. There is no reason to be restricted by your software vendor’s limited understanding of legal documentation and workflows.

Similarly, the Template Manager allows you to avoid being embarrassed by poor document-draftsmanship on behalf of your less articulate software vendor.

The Import Manager allows you to import data from Excel or to automate your imports to avoid human input.

Import Profiles allow the Import Manager to accurately analyse data supplied by the client and to auto-import into Excalibur, irrespective of the format it is supplied in.

The Prescription Manager safeguards you against the dangers of working on prescribed matters.

The latest amendments to the National Credit Act make it illegal to attempt any collections procedures on a prescribed matter, sanctioned with criminal prosecution. Excalibur brings with it peace of mind, allowing you to mitigate your prescription risk.

Additional Products


Digital dialer solutions with voice recordings.


Consulting regarding call centre optimisation.


Mass SMS messaging capabilities.


E-statements delivered to debtors via phone.


Integration with debit order solutions.

We are DebiCheck compliant.


Financing and Rental of Software and Hardware.


We have no doubt that with your excellent system further business opportunities will arise.

Jeff Norton

Managing Senior Director, Norton Lambrianos Inc

Excalibur is an intelligent and versatile workflow system which is both popular with our staff and supported by an energetic and capable team of developers and business analysts. The Futuresoft team can be justly proud in the role they played in successfully importing over 1 000 000 of our records onto the Excalibur system.

Andy McNabb

Managing Director and Co-Founder, RL Daly Inc

Excalibur formed a fundamental part of the consolidation of our ventures into the new NBA/Nimble Group. We are proud to be a part of the FutureSoft family and to have their team as part of ours.

Marius Smith

Chief Operating Officer, Nimble Group, Norman Bissett & Associates and CreditWorx)

I would like to commend you and your entire team for the professional manner in which our migration to the Excalibur software program was handled. We have seen an immediate increase in staff productivity which we attribute directly to the use of Excalibur. It was a pleasure dealing with your professional team and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Ian King

Managing Partner and Director, Mooney Ford Attorneys & Fusion Asset Recoveries

FutureSoft gives our national firm two specific things:

  • A brilliant system for our collections; and
  • Service beyond compare
Jan Erasmus

Director, MacRobert Incorporated

The Excalibur System and the Futuresoft team have become an integral component of Revcos business. We are proud to have FutureSoft as our technology backbone for our current and future business.

Rob Kokott

Managing Director, Revenue Consulting

Excalibur has been an integral part of LGR’s journey. Peter & his team supported us from the start, helped us grow our practice and today Excalibur is still a major ingredient in our collections recipe. The system is simple to use yet sophisticated in its application. We will certainly recommend Excalibur to any practitioner serious about collecting debt in a structured, efficient manner.

Erika Louw

Managing Director, LGR Incorporated

About Us

FutureSoft was founded by the Rafferty Brothers and development expert Jan Agenbacht after they realised, in late 2005, that there was a pressing need in the South African debt collection arena for a software solution that would combine all the different technologies into a single user-experience.

Peter and Rob Rafferty, both practicing lawyers, possessed the debt collection skills as they had been active in the industry for the best part of the preceding two decades. Although their skills assisted Jan Agenbacht and his team to understand the inner workings of a high volume debt collection enterprise; it soon became evident that a person skilled in project management, data management and systems integration was needed to ensure the future of FutureSoft’s projects. Jaco Pierre Sonnekus, a life-long friend of the Rafferty Brothers and a man skilled in project- and data management as well as business analysis, solution definition, and configuration and deployment of solutions joined the team and completed FutureSoft’s Executive Team. Internally, each of these four Executive Members of the FutureSoft Team represent one of the four cornerstones of FutureSoft’s success, namely …

… Passion, Logic and Execution through our Technology

Management expert Rudolph van Schalkwyk joined FutureSoft as Director after spending a number of years in America. Shortly afterwards, Optimisation Specialist Sashin Thotha was also appointed as Director.

Together the Executive- and Management Teams manage over 70 staff members who ensure that FutureSoft clients are taken care of.

Excalibur is currently employed as the Debt Collection Management System of choice by numerous law firms and Debt Recovery Agencies across South Africa. In addition, a number of banks and many large South African corporates have installed Excalibur to deal with their own ‘early delinquency’ debtors and their outsource requirements.

Excalibur is integrated into all the Banks, many City Councils, telecoms companies, the SABC and numerous other credit providers.

Annual African Debt Collection Convention

Our Team

Peter Rafferty

Chief Executive Officer

  • B.Proc, PEC SBL e-Commerce and Management
  • Attorney for two decades
  • Specialising in high volume debt collection
  • Co-founded FutureSoft in 2006
  • Lectured at Law Society of South Africa
  • Author of numerous sets of business articles
    South African Attorneys Journal
  • Journal of the Association of Debt Recovery Agents

Rob Rafferty

Chief Financial Officer

  • B.Proc, Master’s Degree in Tax Law, ILPA
  • Attorney for two decades
  • Specialising in high volume debt collection
  • Co-founded FutureSoft in 2006

Jan Agenbacht

Chief Technical Officer

  • N6 Diploma in Telecommunications
  • Advanced planning and programming
  • Advanced solution design
  • Microsoft SQL, ASP.Net, MVC, C#, Visual Basic, HTML5, Java Script & J-Query

JP Sonnekus

Chief Operations Officer

  • Honours Degree in Business Administration
  • Previously custodian Customer Data at Standard Bank
  • Senior Project Management at Dimension Data and ABSA
  • Advanced solution design and project implementation

Rudolph van Schalkwyk


  • B.Com
  • Previously held positions of business management in the USA
  • National and International Sales

Sashin Thotha


  • Previously held positions of management at two large debt collection companies
  • In the debt collection industry since 1996
  • Specialising in high volume debt collection
  • Business Optimisation and Strategy

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