The 2015 Convention has confirmed that it has become the annual event of choice within the debt recovery- and credit management industries where lawyers and debt recovery specialists can meet and network with the Executive team members of the most sought-after creditors in South Africa.

It has also regarded as the de facto platform for credit managers, lawyers and debt recovery specialists to update themselves with the latest trends in our industry; and to verify that the systems and solutions used in the South Africa comply with all relevant legislation and meets the ever-increasing need for performance-driven debt collection.

The 2015 Convention took place on 10 September 2015 at the Sorex Estate in Clubview, Centurion. Approximately 400 individuals from all over South Africa (including Botswana, Namibia, and the United Kingdom) attended the convention. The attendees included various executives from Banks, Retail Stores, Corporate, Municipal, Law Firms, Debt Recovery Agencies, etc. It was supported by ADRA, the Council for Debt Collectors and the Law Society of South Africa.

Network and Digital Security was a main topic aiming at protecting your business and network from cyber-crime. Thomas Weilbach, network penetration specialist created a roller coaster ride from fearing cyber-crime to identifying preventative solutions. As usual, Peter Rafferty spoke on the future of Debt Collection, highlighting over-regulation, cyber-crime and security as well as business intelligence. Keynote Speaker, Daryl Ilbury from Mind of a Fox, highlighted the importance of the need to be flexible in your business. The panel of experts (from Capitec Bank, Johannesburg Municipality, Tracker & King Price) discussed the relationship between the Credit Provider and the Debt Recovery Specialist, after which the CEO from the Council for Debt Collection gave feedback on the development in the industry. The networking sessions added tremendous value to delegates who were able to make new acquaintances and forge old alliances within the industry.

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