Ref: RFQ/FIN/004/202 3
Title: Appointment of a panel of debt collectors for a period of 3 years
Issuer: South African Forestry Company Limited
Issue date: 12-07-2023
Sector: Debt Services
Closing date: 18-07-2023
Closing time: 12:00
Compulsory meeting: N/A
Meeting date: N/A

Description: Re Advertisement of Tender Number: RFQ/FIN/003/2023. Quotations are hereby invited for the appointment of a panel of debt collectors for a period of 3 years. Scope of work: It is against the foregoing background that KLF requires the services of debt col lectors to recover these funds; The overall goal with the Act is to transform the debt collection system in South Africa by monitoring the conduct and professionalism of debt collectors and promoting a culture of good governance within the profession, th us contributing to protecting the public at large, as well as creditors. The Council for Debt Collectors exercise control over the occupation of debt collectors; The reimbursement will be based on the provision of recovery of debt at an approved percenta ge of 25% of the total debt recovered; The panel will be appointed for 3 years
Tender number: RFQ/FIN/004/202 3
Closing date and time: Tuesday, 18 July 2023 – 12:00
Compulsory briefing: N/A
Briefing venue: N/A

Evaluating principle: No detail

Enquiries: Lufuno Mudau
Telephone: 012 436 6390
Email address: RFQHighveld@safcol.co.za
Submissions: Lufuno Mudau
Telephone: 013 754 2700
Email address: RFQHighveld@safcol.co.za

For more information, documents and specifications please visit the following website website: https://www.etenders.gov.za/
The debt collectors should have a firm grasp of commercial law knowledge and experience in the law of contract; with minimum recovery experience of 5 years; The company must be registered with The Council of the Debt Collectors: The Act provides for the ex ercise of control over the occupation of debt collectors and legalizes the recovery of fees or remuneration by registered debt collectors.