Ref: RFQ 19721
Title: Appointment of a panel of three (3) debt collection providers for the period of three (3) years
Issuer: Ithala SOC Limited
Issue date: 18-01-2022
Sector: Debt Collection Services
Closing date: 31-01-2022
Closing time: 14:00
Compulsory briefing: N/A
Meeting date: N/A

Description: Bids are hereby invited for the appointment of a panel of three (3) debt collection providers for the period of three (3) years. Scope of Works:’ • Collections of overdue amounts through employing a specific strategy on: a) Vehicle and Taxi Finance Debt Collections; b) Secured Debt ( Mortgage Loans); c) Unsecured Debt (Personal Loans); • General: a) Report on Monthly Collection Percentage in respect of performance; b) Collections will be based on a nil collection, nil fee basis; c) Provide updates to Ithala on market trends in Collections which could be in the form of a quarterly newsletter etc; and also provide updates on changes in Regulations and Compliance issues that have a direct bearing on Debt Recovery activities; for example, changes to the Prescription bill etc. Province: KwaZulu-Natal.
Tender number: RFQ 19721
Closing date and time: 31 January 2022 14H00
Compulsory briefing: No Details
Evaluating principle: No Details

Submissions: (E) Tenders_LTD@ithala.co.za
Procurement Enquiries: Mvelo Bekwa: (T) 031 366 2615 (E)Tenders_LTD@ithala.co.za

For further information and documents please visit the following website: https://www.etenders.gov.za/Home/opportunities?id=1. Quotations to be submitted via email: Tenders_LTD@ithala.co.za or to be hand delivered at Delta Towers, 15th floor, Ithala reception, 303 Dr Pixley KaSeme Street, Durban, 4000. Bids must be delivered by the stipulated time to the correct address.