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Convention Report 2023

12th Annual Africa Debt¬†Collection Convention 2023 Convention Recap   Overview We are proud to say that our 2023 convention was our BIGGEST convention yet. Delegates arrived bright-eyed for our 08:30 registration before they eagerly shuffled in for the welcoming...

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Convention Report 2022

11th Annual Africa Debt Collection Convention Convention Recap 2022   Overview This year we are proud to announce that we hosted our BEST convention yet. Our 11th Annual Africa Debt Collection Convention took place on the 12th of May 2022 at Emperors Palace and...

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Interest and the NCA

Are you running the risk of being fined for the incorrect interest calculation applied by your software? With the implementation of the National Credit Act in 2006, came a different manner of calculating interest on outstanding balances of debtors. Gone were the days...

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What? Interest on Interest?!

The National Credit Act has brought about a number of changes to the legislation governing debt, credit granting and the recovery of outstanding debt in South Africa. The changes brought about by the National Credit Act have been the subject of many debates across the...

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The In Duplum Rule Risk

Can you survive the effects of incorrectly applying the In Duplum Rule? Everyone in the Credit- and Debt Collection Industry is aware of the In Duplum Rule and knows that it is a cardinal sin to contravene it. However, very few people really understand the true...

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