2016 Convention Report


The Convention has confirmed that it has become the annual event of choice within the debt recovery- and credit management industries where lawyers and debt recovery specialists can meet and network with the Executive team members of the most sought-after creditors in South Africa.

It has also regarded as the de facto platform for credit managers, lawyers and debt recovery specialists to update themselves with the latest trends in our industry; and to verify that the systems and solutions used in the South Africa comply with all relevant legislation and meets the ever-increasing need for performance-driven debt collection.

FutureSoft Debt Collection Convention has become the annual event of choice within the debt recovery, legal and credit management industries.

Our 7th Annual Debt Collection Convention that was presented on the 15th of September 2016 at Sorex Estate, with the aim to introduce the latest technologies and developments available to the Corporates, Attorneys and Debt Collectors and to discuss the challenges each participant in the Debt Collection Industry faces.

This year was even bigger and better than last year,  with 288 delegates that includes  attendees from all over Africa in  the corporate, legal and debt collection industry, and to keep our delegates updated  24 Exhibitors focusing on communication, payment solution and  other specialised solution directed to assist  debt collection and legal companies owners  and management .

The attendees included various executives from Banks, Retail Stores, Corporate, Municipal, Law Firms, Debt Recovery Agencies, etc. It was supported by ADRA, the Council for Debt Collectors and the Law Society of South Africa.

Furthermore we had the expert’s in the Debt Collection Industry:Ms. Angelene van der Walt from Programme Enablement Consultants Pty. Ltd. which is  the drive behind the project  with Payment Association of South Africa project, that was launched as a collaborative effort between the South African Reserve Bank and the banking industry. The initial focus was to formulate a long-term strategy for the modernisation and development of a domestic payment system. This long term strategy included establishing a sound legal and regulatory framework within which payments could be governed and managed in an organised fashion. The project delivered the framework within which we operate a safe and sound National Payment System today. Mr Steve Symonds the Chief Technical Director  of Datora SA (Pty) Ltd, discuss and informed the delegates regarding data backups that also included Business Continuity and end to end Disaster Recovery services.Mr. Marius Jonker CEO Of Association of Debt Recovery Agents (ADRA) updated us on the ongoing court case and investigation regarding the emolument attachment orders (EAOs) And Mr. Peter Rafferty had an indebt discussion on all legislation changes within the different acts and the impact it will have in the debt collection industry for debt collectors and legal firms.