11th Annual Africa Debt Collection Convention

Convention Recap 2022



This year we are proud to announce that we hosted our BEST convention yet. Our 11th Annual Africa Debt Collection Convention took place on the 12th of May 2022 at Emperors Palace and it was one of our biggest events yet.

With a keynote address from Carte Blanche presenter and journalist, Macfarlane Moleli, heartfelt speeches and informative reports, the topics covered were sure to rouse everyone’s interest.
The part of the day that always gets everyone’s attention is the networking, and this year’s networking session didn’t disappoint – with drinks flowing and chatter everywhere, we’re sure our attendees had a blast.

Thank you to everyone for making this such a special event.



We had a truly incredible group of speakers this year who focused on the highs and lows as well as need-to-knows of the debt collection industry. We also had the pleasure of having the unbelievable Macfarlane Moleli – who you might know from Carte Blanche – as our keynote speaker.

Saskia Hill, Director at MCS Debt Recovery, spoke from the heart about their experience and their journey to rebuilding after their offices were burned down as a result of the looting in KwaZulu Natal that occurred in July of 2021.

Nirshan Harryparshad, CIO at Debt-IN, discussed their experience with cyber security after their data breach that took place in April of 2021.

Evert Smith, Director at EJC Konsult, discussed the threats that face businesses from a cyber security point of view and how companies can better protect themselves.

Marius Jonker, CEO at ADRA, gave a detailed account of the next phase of DebiCheck and the different payment options available and how collectors might ensure that debtors make payment and avoid breaking arrangements.

Peter Rafferty, CEO at FutureSoft, discussed the advantages of ISO certification and the two year journey that he and his brother, Rob, ventured down to obtain their certification as well as what’s in store for others wishing to follow suit.

Lastly, we had our keynote address from Macfarlane Moleli who resonated with everyone in the audience as he spoke about the South Africa he sees. He gave a debrief of all the good and bad he has seen while working as a journalist for Carte Blanche. Although the topics he discussed weren’t always the happiest, he managed to lighten the tone and bring smiles and laughter to everyone in attendance.



We were lucky enough to have 21 fantastic companies sponsor our event this year and we cannot begin to express our immense gratitude to these companies for supporting us. We are thrilled to be in the position to enable our system partners the opportunity to showcase their product offerings and assist them in growing their businesses.

Thank you Real Pay, Allps, Pay@, EasyDebit, ADCON Tech, Datora, Excalibur BI, Wealthtec, Falcon, Consumer Profile Bureau, NuPay, Legal Serve, Litigator, Registered Communication, Prosource, VeriCred Credit Bureau, Ozow, PAYM8 and Ziyabuya.