12th Annual Africa Debt Collection Convention

2023 Convention Recap



We are proud to say that our 2023 convention was our BIGGEST convention yet.

Delegates arrived bright-eyed for our 08:30 registration before they eagerly shuffled in for the welcoming by our
CFO, Rob Rafferty, and began their day of attentive listening and detailed note taking.

This year’s keynote speakers were some of our all-time favourites with their dynamic and energetic approaches to their topic of being adaptable and resilient. Their workshop was filled with informative statistics and research but managed to maintain a light and playful tone due to their comedic anecdotes and easy going natures.

At the end of the day the audience disbanded and delegates and sponsors were given the opportunity to network and make new business connections. As always, it was a day not to be missed and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.



This year we did things a little differently…
For our keynote speech, we decided on two speakers that hosted a half day workshop together on the best ways to ensure a successful and thriving business.

To start proceedings, Andries Cornelius from the Council for Debt Collectors gave an update on the legal industry. This was followed by Rob Rafferty who gave a short workshop on information security in the debt collection industry which included tips on how creditors can ensure that they remain ISO compliant.

After a short break the audience regrouped and were given a detailed run-through from Szymon Ziolkowski of Orange Cyberdefense, on what vulnerabilities a trained hacker might take advantage of and how they might take control of your data in the event of a ransomware attack. The audience was then faced with the cold, hard truth given to them by Peter Rafferty who explained why some businesses may not be making money and how to avoid common pitfalls involved with managing staff that may have a negative impact on your wallet.

The day saw its peak with our duo of speakers, Graeme Codrington and Siphiwe Moyo, who presented together in synchrony and bestowed upon the audience their tips on how to rewire your mind to think more positively, how to think outside the box, and advised to focus on what not to do rather than on all the things one needs to do
in order to improve their company culture. Their workshop was well received and the balance between their
energies complemented their styles well. While Graeme asked thought provoking questions and imparted
knowledge in a cool fashion, Siphiwe gave real life examples and practical advise (mixed with lots of
humour) in a conversational manner that drew the audience in and had them hanging on his every word.

All in all it was a successful day of informative and entertaining presentations by an incredible line up of



We were lucky enough to have 19 fantastic companies sponsor our event this year and we cannot begin to express our immense gratitude to these companies for supporting us. We are thrilled to be in the position to enable our system partners the opportunity to showcase their product offerings and assist them in growing their businesses.

A special thank you to our BIG sponsors, RealPay, Allps-i, and Ozow for the support.

And thank you to ADCON Tech, Altech Nupay, CPB, Easy Debit, Experian, Falcon, Legal Serve, Pay@, Paym8, Prosource, Registered Communication, Vericred Credit Bureau, Wealthtec, and Ziyabuya and for being part of our day. Your contribution is vital to continue our important work of servicing the industry and being the one stop solution to great success for our clients.