The Ithemba Institute of Technology requires debt collection services and duly invites proposals from interested parties experienced in the collection of outstanding school fees. The current gross value of our debtors’ book is approximately R900000-00. Proposals should include, although not be limited to, the following:

• Information pertaining to :
➢ Debt collection experience
➢ Debt collection successes
➢ Professional accreditation and memberships
▪ ADRA number
▪ Council for Debt Collectors number
➢ Fees, or their basis of calculation (commissions etc.)
• At least the following organisational information :
➢ Name of organization
➢ Telephone number and email address of organization
➢ Tax clearance certificate of organisation
➢ Name, telephone number and email address of contact person

Enquiries may be directed to :
• Julian S. Petersen
+ 27 82 433 9291

Proposals must be made, in writing, by e-mail only, to the aforementioned e-mail address.