Ref: MATAT/ 2019/2020-45
Title: Debt Collection Services
Issuer: Matatiele Local Municipality
Issue date: 22-05-2020
Sector: Debt Services
Closing date: 22-06-2020
Closing time: 12:00
Compulsory meeting: No
Meeting date: N/A

Description: Debt Collection Services
Issuer: Matatiele Local Municipality

Bids are hereby invited from suitably experienced Service Providers for the project stated below:
BID NO: MATAT/ 2019/2020-45
CLOSING DATE: 22 JUNE 2020 @ 12h00

Bid Documents will be available at the Municipal Website for a non ¡V refundable tender fee of R330.00 payable in the Municipal bank account, the banking details are also available from Municipal website as from 28 MAY 2020.

Opening of the bids will be under minimum requirements of the Covid -19 restrictions also no bidder with no face mask will be allowed.

Bidders shall take note of the following bid conditions / Compulsory Submissions
• All bids submitted should remain valid for a period of 90 days after the bid closing date.
• The bid will be evaluated according to the preferential procurement model in the Preferential Procurement the bidders¡¦ attention is drawn to Form MBD6.1 whereby bidders other than EMEs must submit a certified copy or Original BBBEE Status Level Certificate or original/certified copy of sworn affidavit. Failure to do so will result in zero points score for BBBEE status level.
• Joint Venture agreement (where applicable)
• Failure to complete all supplementary information returnable schedules like MBD 4, MBD 6, MBD5, MBD8 and MBD 9 will result in the tender being eliminated, Invalid or non-submission of the documents listed in the Terms of Reference will lead to a disqualification.
• Bids must only be submitted on documentation provided by the municipality. Late, emailed, faxed and telegraphic bids will not be considered and photocopies of the document will not be accepted.
• All prospective service providers of goods and services and infrastructure procurement are required to apply on Central Supplier Database in order to do business with all organs of state in the Republic of South Africa at https://secured.csd.gov.za/. Matatiele Local Municipality is using CSD to verify supplier¡¦s registration, therefore, you are required to please register on the CSD and failure to register on the CSD will lead to disqualification.
• Bidders are required to submit rates clearances certificates from municipality The Bids will be evaluated on the basis of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (Act No.5, 2000), and the regulations pertaining thereto (2017), as well as the Matatiele Local Municipality¡¦s Supply Chain Management policy. 80/20 preference point system will be used.
The bids will be evaluated in one stage, namely:
• Stage 1-Functionality
• Stage 2-Price and BBBEE Points Price (80) BBBEE Points (20)

With regard to functionality the following criteria will be applicable and the maximum weights of each criterion are indicated in brackets.
Criteria Points
Registration with Council of Debt Collectors and / or Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa 20
Relevant experience with contactable references (attach signed appointment and reference letters):
5 years and above 30
3-4 years 20
1-2 10 30
Sound approach and methodology towards delivering on this assignment (attach work plan – compulsory). The work plan must include the following: – Collection approach – Tracking system (to be accompanied by a certificate of purchase or licensing) – Protocol for missed payments 20
Total 70
A bidder that scores less than 60 points out of 70 in respect of “functionality” will be regarded as submitting a non-responsive quote and will be disqualified and will be not evaluated for price.

Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked “DEBT COLLECTION SERVICES “BID NO: 2018/2019-45” must be deposited in the Bid Box located at the New Budget and Treasury Offices, Mountain View, Matatiele 4730.
Matatiele Local Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any bid and reserves the right to accept the Bid in whole or part, at the rates quoted.

Technical enquiries should be directed to:
Ms N Majova (Manager: Revenue, Expenditure and Payroll) at 039 737 8100 and
SCM enquiries to Mr Z Mani: SCM at 039 737 8100
during office hours.