Call Centre, Legal, Section 57 & 58, Foreclosures, Asset recovery & Credit management environments.


A wealth of information to help users make more informed legal choices.


Interactive built-in SMS, MMS, eMail, AVM and other functionality.


A digital imaging module allowing true paperless functionality.

Your debt collection management system


Excalibur manages your debt collection workflows, your staff and the communication required to ensure successful debt recovery.


Excalibur includes SMS, email and WhatsApp functionality and a digital imaging module allowing true paperless functionality.

Even though Excalibur integrates with all dialer types available in South Africa to ensure a productive Call Centre environment, its functionality is not limited to the Call Centre industry.

Excalibur accommodates all call centre, pre-legal and legal processes and effortlessly handles volumes of matters at a time.

Use Excalibur in the cloud or in your own network.
Cloud Computing places all your company’s business data on a centralised and secure server environment, which enables you to gain access from any authorised computer connected to the internet.

Agents are able to make DebiCheck arrangements through Excalibur.

Our Products

Excalibur Modules

PAM - Excalibur's Pro-Active Manager
Excalibur includes an intelligent, interactive management module called the Pro-Active Manager. This tool is an automated secretarial solution aimed at allowing your business to generate profits 24 hours a day, 12 months a year.
Call Campaign Manager
The Call Campaign Manager gives you all the dialing functionality that highly priced dialer solutions offer, without the financial outlay. It allows you to run campaign dialing on portions of your books, which, in turn, amplifies the productivity of your staff.
SMS Manager
The SMS Manager links Excalibur directly onto the three main mobile phone network providers in South Africa. It allows for bi-directional communication (to and from) customers and auto-updates message statuses as well as history notes, as the networks deal with them.
Strategy Manager
The Strategy Manager allows you to integrate your own collection strategies into Excalibur and gives you the functionality to adopt varying strategies, dependent on your debt book’s attributes.
Integration Manager
Excalibur performs best when integrated into your own systems. The Excalibur Integration Manager will enable us to configure the required links between it and your General Ledger software.
Letter Campaign Manager
Excalibur’s Letter Campaign Manager allows you to auto-generate relevant documentation based on a variety of business rules analysed and re-applied daily.
Statistics Manager
Excalibur’s Statistics Manager will give you accurate statistics regarding each individual debt-book under your control; from basic information to complex collections – and industry applicable – ratios.
Branch Manager
Excalibur’s Branch Manager allows you to synchronize data from your Head Office to various branches and back, based on your business rules.
Outsource Manager
A number of large South African Corporates have already applied the functionality of the Outsource Manager, which allows you to transfer matters seamlessly to your lawyers or EDC’s without human input.
Template Manager
The Template Manager allows for you to import and manage your own document templates. There is no reason to be restricted by your software vendor’s limited understanding of legal documentation and workflows.
Import Manager
The Import Manager allows you to import data from Excel or to automate your imports to avoid human input.
Prescription Manager
The Prescription Manager safeguards you against the dangers of working on prescribed matters.
Finance Manager
Excalibur keeps track of the customer’s outstanding account and debits collection fees and legal fees automatically. Interest is calculated in terms of the National Credit Act.
Document Manager
The Document Manager allows you to import your own Word templates, and saves your documents safely so only you can change them.
eStatement Manager
The e-Statement Manager enables the users of Excalibur to send statements electronically to customers’ phones at a fraction of the cost of paper statements. The e-Statement Manager confirms receipt of the statement by each debtor and time-stamps the moment that the debtor reads his or her statement.
Diary Manager
The Diary Manager gives the user a digital diary with automated prompts when diary items become due. Manage the overdue diary items of your staff and monitor performance against the required actions.
Password Manager
The Password Manager allows you to dictate the password rules for your business. If you require Active Directory to manage your password policy that can be set up as well.
QuickNotes Module

Allows users to make their own Quick Notes. Prevents unnecessary typing and aids in avoiding human error.

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