Our software was specially developed to service the collections industry but we soon realised that there is a need for workflow management software in other sectors besides those relating to debt recovery.

Below are the industries that our software caters for and how it can be useful for your specific needs.

Collection Agencies

  • Specially designed to manage the collections process
  • Division of work based on entities, clients, books and branches
  • In-depth reporting
  • Prescription management
  • Automated payment arrangement notifications and management

Legal Firms

  • Provides for Magistrate’s Court Act fees
  • Design own legal workflow
  • Export Bill of Cost
  • Draft legal documents automatically or in bulk
  • Image bank for all legal documents

Credit Providers

  • Various Banks, Micro Lenders, Retail lending
  • Credit management before default
  • Outsource module links Credit Provider to EDC
  • Seamless synchronisation between parties
  • In-house or external management of debt


  • Schools, Universities and Colleges
  • Manage degree, residential fees
  • Welcome packs

Insurance and Security

  • Short term and long term
  • Asset registers
  • Accident reports

Property Management

  • Levies, Sectional title, Complex management
  • Penalties, admin fees


  • Outsourcing
  • Collection of rates and services

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