Ref: BID 4/2023
Title: Provision of Debt Collection Services
Issuer: Casidra (SOC) Ltd
Issue date: 28-03-2024
Sector: Debt services
Closing date: 02-04-2024
Closing time: 12:00
Compulsory meeting: No
Meeting date: N/A

Description: Provision of Debt Collection Services. Scope of work: – Providing debt collection services on an as needed basis throughout the Western Cape province.
Tender number: BID 4/2023
Closing date and time: 02 April 2024 at 12:00
Compulsory briefing: No
Briefing venue: N/A
Evaluating principle: N/A

Supply Chain Unit
Email address: ngoniwe@mnquma.go.za

For more information, documents and specifications please visit the following website: https://tenders.casidra.co.za/

Sealed tenders, endorsed as indicated in the bid document, must reach Casidra SOC Ltd at their Head Office, 22 Louw’s Avenue, Southern Paarl, placed in the bid box available at Reception.
Bid submission:
1. Bids must be delivered by the stipulated time to the correct address. Late bids will not be accepted;
2. All bids must be submitted on the official forms provided (not to be re-typed).