Ref: SRVM-005/2022
Title: Provision of legal services for a period of 36 months
Issuer: Sundays River Valley Local Municipality
Issue date: 17-03-2022
Sector: Legal Services
Closing date: 28-03-2022
Closing time: 12:00
Compulsory meeting: No
Meeting date: N/A

Description: Provision of legal services for a period of 36 months
Tender number: SRVM-005/2022
Closing date and time: 28 MARCH 2022 at 12:00

Sundays River Valley Municipality invites proposals from interested suitable service providers with head offices in the Eastern Cape Province for the Provision of Legal Services for a period of 36 months.

The tender documents must be sealed in an envelope clearly marked with the words Provision of legal Services for a Period of 36 months-SRVM-005/2022 and must be deposited in the Bid Box, at the offices of the Sundays River Valley Municipality, Supply Chain Office, 23 Middle Street, Kirkwood not later than 28 March 2022 at 12h00PM.


Tenders will be evaluated based on the following two stages, namely:
• Stage 1 – Functionality
• Stage 2 – Price and Preferential Points

A bidder that scores less than 70 points out of 100 in respect of “functionality” will be regarded as submitting a non-responsive tender and will be disqualified and will not be evaluated further, i.e. for price and preferential points.

[a] Sundays River Valley Municipality Supply Chain Management Policy will apply;
[b] Sundays River Valley Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest BID or any other BID and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the BID;
[c] Bids which are late, incomplete, unsigned or submitted by facsimile or electronically, may not be accepted.
[d] Price(s) quoted must be valid for at least ninety (90) days from date of your offer.
[e] Price(s) quoted must be firm and must be inclusive of VAT.
[f] A firm delivery period must be indicated.
[g] Only firms having their head offices located within the Eastern Cape province will be considered.
[H] Bidders must also attach a USB which has the soft copy version of the submitted tender document.
[I] A certified copy of Fidelity Fund Certificate in respect of all directors/partners or principal must be submitted.
[J] A certified copy of Proof of Professional Indemnity Insurance, including the extent of cover, must be submitted.
[k] The following compulsory documents must be submitted with the tender
1. Valid Tax Clearance Certificate- OR Status Pin
2. Original BBBEE Certificate OR a certified copy
3. Certified ID Copies of Entity’s Director(s)
4. Completed MBD forms -1, 4, 6.1, 8 & 9
5. Company registration Documents
6. Municipal statement of Rates or Billing Clearance not older than three months.
[L] Suppliers must be registered on the Central Supplier Database.

Failure to submit any of the above requested documents will invalidate your Bid and it will not be evaluated further.

Technical Enquiries related to this Bid can be directed to: cfo@srvm.gov.za 042 230 7740

SCM Enquiries related to this Bid can be directed to: patuxolob@srvm.gov.za 042 230 7743

A detailed specification and bid forms can be downloaded from the Sundays River Valley Municipality website or E-tender website or can be requested from SCM Office patuxolob@srvm.gov.za or vuvub@srvm.gov.za or siyat@srvm.gov.za OR 042 230 7777/8/43

see: https://www.srvm.co.za/Dashboard/pages/notice/1093702164.pdf