Ref: CDC/ 327/ 20
Title: Request for proposals for appointment of panel of attorneys for Coega Development Corporation.
Issue date: 31-07-2020
Sector: Legal Services
Closing date: 24-08-2020
Closing time: 12:00
Compulsory meeting: No
Meeting date: N/A

Description: Request for proposals for appointment of panel of attorneys for Coega Development Corporation.
The CDC is inviting suitably qualified and competent attorney firms to submit
proposals to in order to form part of the Coega Development Corporation’s
panel of attorneys for a period of three (3) years, to be used as and
when required. Bidders shall be registered with the Legal Practice
Council (LPC) and should have a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. Only
bidders with a B-BBEE status level 1, 2 and 3 must bid. Preference will
be given to respondents who comply with the CDC’s Procurement Policy
& Procedures. Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2017 Pertaining to
the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA), Act No 5 Of
2000 Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act 5 of 2000 will apply.
Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2017 (80/20 preference points
system) will apply as follows, Price – 80 and BBBEE Status – 20. For more
information on this bid, please visit the Coega website (www.coega.com)
under current tenders and refer to Advert attached.

Briefing Session: Due to the outbreak on COVID-19, there will be no
briefing meeting, however Briefing Notes will be made available to all
the bidders who downloaded the RFP document from the CDC Website.

Bidders will be requested to send electronic mails via tenders@coega.co.za,
for any enquires related to the bid, between the period of 31 July
and 12 August 2020. CDC will compile a schedule of questions and
answers and upload on the CDC Website.No new queries received after
12 August 2020 will be entertained.

Bids obtainable from: RFP documents can be downloaded from the CDC
website: www.coega.co.za.

Post or Deliver Bids to: CDC main office Coega Business Centre, Cnr
Alcyon Road and Zibuko Street, Zone 1, Coega SEZ, Port Elizabeth. Late
proposals will not be considered.
. One original of the completed RFP document shall be placed in a
sealed envelope clearly marked: “CDC/327/17 – Appointment of Panel of
Attorneys for Coega Development Corporation.

For technical information please contact: Email: tenders@coega.co.za

For completion of bid documents please contact: Zine Mtanda,
Email: tenders@coega.co.za, Hours: 08:00 to 16:30.
No telephonic or any other form of communication with any other CDC
member of staff, other than the named individual below, relating to this
request for bid will be permitted.

Required at:
Tender number: CDC/ 327/ 20
Closing date and time: 2020-08-24 at 12:00