Available Vacancies

We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our awesome team! If you think you’ve got what it takes, we’d love to hear from you.

Below are some of the positions we currently have available.


  • Facilitate user and admin training to clients and in-house
  • Travelling to clients to address general inquiries and ensure client satisfaction
  • Ability to do comprehensive QA testing and formulate training material for end user
  • For super-smart people.
  • Find out what else.


Assisting client without having to access the backend and in the process help the clients help themselves

  • Knowledge of the clients processes and understanding thereof
  • Understanding and prioritizing of matters
  • Understanding the risk factor working with clients data
  • Interaction with clients on ALL levels in a support role
  • Managing tasks and deadlines: understanding budget implications thereof
  • Understanding and knowledge of application and supporting software and hardware and their interaction: the effect this will have on the performance of our program
  • Understanding the sensitivity of the data involved and utmost confidentiality thereof
  • Ensure that all important queries are resolved and/or answered before leaving the office at the end of the day
  • Understand the importance and urgency of queries from clients and how it impacts the clients’ environment


  • Understanding FutureSoft’s client’s business, processes and expectations in terms of tasks or requirements
  • Be able to recommend solutions for tasks or requirements in order to achieve the objective of the task or requirement, taking into consideration the System requirements, functionality, and the database structure
  • Analyse, convert, import, extract and validate data and processes provided by clients and Projects department for data take on, integrations, processes and reporting
  • Correct and thorough work done within given timelines.
  • Strategy building, reporting, data maintenance and date migration: Optimization of processes, complete testing, deliver correct final result
  • Be able to support and troubleshoot errors encountered with data handling
  • Assist in client queries where Client Services might be unable to
  • Ensure that schedules for processes runs without any errors


    Your duties and responsibilities consist of the following:


    • Create and maintain components to Excalibur
    • Will be exposed to development for new products
    • Quality of code must be of a high level and thorough testing must be done
    • Translate Business requirements into functional and technical specifications for development
    • Correct and thorough work done within given timelines.
    • Must be able to manage tasks and deadlines on projects
    • Understand client expectations, their business and processes, and prioritizing work are crucial

    Team Player:

    • Inter and intra departmental knowledge sharing
    • Provide guidance, training, and problem solving assistance to team members if and where possible


    • Professional communication (conduct) with client: personal interaction as well as electronically
    • Good work ethic, integrity, punctuality, commitment and accuracy
    • Respecting the company’s ethics and the employees around you
    • Always project a positive attitude to fellow employees and clients
    • Being on time, availability after hours to discuss urgent matters of work that you are involved in
    • Be professional at all times

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